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Cold Sore – Fever blister Information.

Common Questions About Cold Sores

Cold sores are very contagious unsightly blistered sores usually found around the nose or mouth medically know as herpes simplex virus 1.

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  • What is a cold sore, fever blister
  • How Many People have cold sores?
  • Where does a cold sore come from?
  • Can you get multiple cold sores
  • Best Hygiene Practices 
  • How to get rid of cold sores
  • Infants & Toddlers
  • Are cold sores contagious
  • When are cold sores contagious
  • Cold sore stages
  • Cold sore On the nose 
  • Cold sore on the Lip 
  • Is genital herpes the same virus.
  •  Complications 
  • Conclusion.

What Is A Cold Sore/Fever Blister

 They are a small cluster of painful blisters 

It’s a virus that has been around for a long time, the medical term for it is simplex herpes virus one HSV-1. 

It’s a virus that attaches its self to your nerve endings.

It can only enter into the body via a break in the skin.

Future breakouts will be in the same area, or it could be a different cold sore and area altogether.

There is no known cure for the common cold sore, but there are treatments available that alleviate the pain and possibly help stop an outbreak occurring. Click here to take a look at our top remedies and reviews.

Spreading of the virus

How Many People Have Cold sores

The World Health Organization estimates that 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 have herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) — that’s 67% of the world’s population in that age bracket.

Some people will carry the virus all of there lives it is just lying dormant within there immune system never to have an outbreak in there lives.

Some people are prone to regular episodes having them monthly during the menstrual cycle.

Others when their immune system is affected, i.e. cold or flu.

Its when the virus HSV-1 becomes active and causes a sore on your face nose or other areas.

So the actual cause of the outbreak is the virus but depends on the individual.

Where Do Cold Sores Come From?

Cold sores come from people spreading the virus while they have signs of the infection from the tingling or a physical blemish on them.

I have listed the various places you can contract the virus later in this publication.

The World Health Organization estimates that 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 have herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) — that’s 67% of the world’s population in that age bracket.

Cold Sore Virus Spreading
Easiest way to spread the virus

Are cold sores contagious?

A Cold sore is very contagious the virus is spread around very quickly from everyday items like cutlery, Flannels cups anything that comes into contact with an affected area has the potential to spread the virus.

One of the leading health concerns is that if an infant contracts the virus, this can lead to severe complications.

 Avoid contact with babies and infants when you have cold sore symptoms.

One of the ways to control this is to use an invisible plaster such as compeed click here to take a look, or an alternative is Herpecilin invisible plasters click here. 

Can you get multiple cold sores

As mentioned above, the cold sore will only break out on the particular nerve ending and reoccur multiple times in that area sadly.

But the cold sore virus can find its way into different areas of the body and attach to different nerve endings. 

The way the simplex herpes virus one enters the body is via a crack in the protective skin layer.

The virus cannot reproduce itself once it has entered the body via the broken skin; it makes your cells create copies of itself which multiply very rapidly; this is the what appears the unsightly cold sore. 

Once the virus has peaked, and the cold sore has burst, the healing process can occur, but the virus hibernates now in the nerve waiting for its next chance to break out.

Multiple Cold Sores

Best hygiene practices.

As with any virus, COVID-19 has learnt us a thing or two about that hasn’t it.

It’s much the same with the herpes simplex virus.

Basic hygiene rules apply but just more directed at the infected area.

Because the virus is highly contractable, you need to take extra care not to touch the affected area, and other surfaces avoid kissing because it will spread to others.

 The simplex herpes virus does not multiply on its own; it survives on inanimate objects from a few hours to eight weeks.

I.e. hand cup toothbrush lips waiting for a piece of broken skin to come into contact with it.

Then it can enter the body then it tells the cells to duplicate thousands of times until you have a visible blister on the area.

 The virus survives on surfaces and objects longer in low humidity situations. 

When Are cold sore contagious

A Cold sore becomes Contagious as soon as the tingling sensation starts.

Medical research has shown that the peak of the contagious stage is when the blister has popped and is leaking serum thats the fluid which is under the skin.

Cold sore stages.

The first stage – is a tingling or burning sensation on or around the mouth; this indicates the start or a potential breakout.

It would be best if you were considering at this point using one of the recommended treatments, to help prevent or speed up the healing process.

See our cold sore treatments page for more info.

Most of the products are on next day delivery via amazon, terms and conditions apply to see site for details.

Second Stage – A blister or small cluster of blisters will appear this is the most sensitive and painful stage of the process. You could now use a compeed invisible plaster to cover the affected area and help stop the spread of the virus to cutlery cups toothbrushes etc.

Third Stage – The blister will burst and scab over, the healing process will take over.

The cold sore shouldn’t be present after 14 days if symptoms persist consult a doctor.

Cold Sore On Nose

They can appear on the nose inside the nostril, lips, chin and even sometimes gums or roof of the mouth.

The outbreak can vary in size and position and contains a cluster of small blisters.

The best way to contain the outbreak is not to touch the affected area.

Wash hands regularly to help contain the virus.

You could consider using a compeed plaster to help contain the virus.

Or consider one of our recommended Treatments to help slow or stop the process.

Cold Sore on Bottom lip

Cold Sore On Lip

 An outbreak can vary in size, and position on your lips, generally it contains a cluster of small blisters.

The virus can spread on to the nose, chin and even sometimes gums or roof of the mouth.

The best way to contain the outbreak is not to touch the affected area.

Don’t rub creams or ointments, just dab and make sure hands are cleaned before and after application.

You mustn’t share tubes with others and keep contact with the affected area as limited as possible.

You could consider using a compeed plaster to help contain the virus or one of our recommended Treatments to help slow or stop the process.

Is genital herpes the same

It could be transmitted to genitals or vice versa.

The genital strain is called HSV-2.

If body parts come in contact during the outbreak phase, it can very easily spread, so please avoid oral sex or kissing to help with stopping the spread.

Unless you know your partner doesn’t suffer from outbreaks while you have any signs of genital herpes or a cold sore.

Weak Immune system

What causes a cold sore outbreak

The medical term for the cold sore is (HSV-1). Herpes simplex virus one is the medical terms for the virus, its also known to some as a fever blister.

That is ultimately what causes cold sore is that virus; we are exposed to it at some point in our lives. Even from childhood, we can carry the virus until we are adults, and then we have a breakout.

For this article, various sources have been used from medical research studies and the NHS website. 

People with damaged or weak immune systems or undergoing cancer treatment, i.e. chemotherapy are at risk of complications.

Most certainly tell your GP during your consultation stages about a potential outbreak occurring because of the potential for it causes damage.

Especially if you are prone to them monthly outbreaks.

Dehydration – Can occur due in the elderly or vulnerable because they may have stopped drinking. As a result of the pain so it should be monitored.

The herpes simplex virus can readily spread to other parts of your body.

  Below is a list. 

  • Skin infections – can often occur if the virus comes into contact with broken skin.
  • Herpetic whitlow (whitlow finger) – this causes painful sores and blisters to appear on and around your fingers
  • Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis – this causes swelling and irritation (inflammation) of your eye area.
  • encephalitis – swelling of the brain ( Very Rare)

 If the virus gets into your eyes, it could cause blindness in extreme cases. To help limit the chances of this occurring, try to avoid your eyes.

If you wear contact lenses, wash your hands with antibacterial soap will help stop the virus spreading.

General cold sore information.

Cold sores are the vein of a lot of peoples lives; they are very contagious painful, unsightly and usually occurs on the lips or nose but if a part of the skin is broken anywhere on the body its potential site for cold sores. 

The cause of the outbreak is usually at the most inconvenient time when our immune system is already taking a hit you’re feeling unwell or a bit under the weather.

Medical research suggests that 77% of cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus one is know to live above the waste. While 33% is from herpes simplex virus, two know as herpes below the waste.

Cold sores occur and reoccur in the same area as the initial infection. This is to do do with nerve endings.

i.e. if a break out happened on the left nostril near the lip thats, where the break will happen again.

The virus could spread to other parts of the body; this is then an entirely new area unrelated to the original site.

That will have reoccurring episodes any broken skin has the potential to become a new location for the virus.

The simplex herpes virus lives under the skin down inside the nerve thats, where the cold sore hibernates. 

This is why they reoccur in the same place its the nerve cell associated with that cold sore virus.

Don’t be fooled by one cold sore that you will never get another because that’s wrong.

That particular cell fibre ending has gotten infected with the virus.

Contact with the current virus and any broken skin may cause multiple infection sites. 

Sadly for some, it’s a monthly thing with there menstrual cycle while others are asymptomatic and will never suffer but carry the virus all of there lives. 


As you can see, there is a high chance of contracting simplex herpes virus throughout your life from using simple silverware to a kiss.

3.7 billion people carrying the virus but a lot of people are asymptomatic.

One of the best and oldest remedies are still freely available to most just plain old simple ICE cube held onto the affected area will numb the pain for a short period.

The problem with medication for the virus is that it cannot be cured; you could take tables to help your immune system or creams, even light treatment.

But upon research into reviews and comments, there is no one sure-fire way of getting rid of them.

Some treatments work on some people and others it makes no difference at all, so the best thing to do is a bit of trial and error work to find out what works for you.

I have put together a blog about the top 10 treatments I found during my research click here to take a look.

If you have enjoyed this post and taken some info from it that has helped or you think I have missed something from the list, please let me know on 

Herstat cold sore treatment

Herstat – Cold Sore Treatment

Review of Herstat cold sore treatment.

This is part of my top 10 treatments for cold sores, click here to view page.

It covers various treatments from light & heat treatments, creams, invisible plasters and oral medication.

My Review

Having searched the internet, reading blogs and reviews and product info.

The general feelings about herstat cold treatment is a good one.

Some people say that it’s the best thing ever and others say it doesn’t work.

I have found with cold sores and the research that I have carried out.

There isn’t really one treatment that will fix all, you need a bit of trial and error to find what works for you

Cold Sore Cure

Sadly there isn’t a cure for the common cold sore this is because it is a hidden virus called herpes simplex virus 1.

67% of the population carry the virus that’s 3.7 billion people most will only be carriers.

If require any more information click here for answers to some of the most common questions raised about the cold sore.

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Herstat product info

Herstat is a ‘topical’ cold sore ointment, which means it will work when placed in direct contact with the affected skin.

This will help to retain moisture and soften your cold sore.

The ointment will also reduce inflammation and relieve pain – what more could you ask for from a little tube?

What is Propolis?

This 100% natural substance has a rich history that extends back to ancient times.

Added to Herstat cold sore treatment to act as a preservative, you may find yourself experiencing the propolis benefits.

Which have been documented for centuries.

Prohibits Growth

Propolis is an effective treatment for cold sores as its antimicrobial properties prohibit the growth of microorganisms.

Such as those present in the herpes simplex virus.


– Anyone who suffers from a cold sore outbreak will know that the redness and scabbing they cause can be really embarrassing when going about day-to-day life.

Our solution?

Banish the blemish fast by applying Herstat. The active compounds in propolis help damaged skin tissue to heal and this speeds up recovery time.

Gentle on your skin

The pain-relieving capabilities of propolis are well documented.

Propolis is used in a range of alternative treatments, sore throats and in nasal sprays.

Reducing inflammation

When used on cold sores propolis aids pain relief by reducing inflammation.

The petrolatum helps to keep the area moisturised, while not feeling sticky.

It’s an added bonus that Herstat cold sore cream smells great and won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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L-lysine cold sore treatment

L-Lysine – cold sore Treatment

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This is a product review for L-lysine 1000mg tablet for cold sore treatment.

Its also used as a supplement for vegetarians, and vegans but we won’t go into that here.

I have researched and reviewed creams, invisible plasters, ointments, heat and light treatments to name but a few.

Check out my website for more details and reviews that may interest you.

So without further ado let’s get on with the review.

L-Lysine – Benefits

  • Supports immune system — Lysine may help with calcium absorption
  • Supports production of collagen and tissue maintenance
  • Important for balanced nutrition and health
  • Lysine plays an essential part in the production of carnitine, an amino acid which helps convert fatty acids into energy
  • An essential building block for all protein.
  • It’s important for the growth and development of children.
  • Purity & Potency Guaranteed

As you can see from above it has benefits but none mention about combatting cold sores so that made me dig a little deeper.

I looked at various products, information sources, read reviews and there are really limited mixed opinions about the using L-lysine as a cold sore treatment.

Some medical reviews say it works but only ever mention it in a couple of sentences about the arginine, which is an amino acid.

Which contributes to the outbreak of cold sores and how lysine helps tackle this and thus helps stop the formation but not in all cases its a bit of a trial and error sadly for you.

I found the best resource for reviews and info on cold sores was actual users on amazon as they have left reviews about using the product for specifically for cold sores

L-lysine cold sore treatment

If you click onto the products at the bottom of the page it takes you through to Amazon, where you can take a look at the reviews.

Some love it and swear by it others have tried it and it hasn’t work.

Could you recommend any treatments or remedies that have worked in the past for you?

You could even write a guest blog or make it an article I could add to my site if that’s of interest as I’m always open to suggestions and support

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Lysine cold sore treatment
L-lysine cold sore treatment