Herpotherm heat treatment

Herpotherm – Cold sore heat treatment

Welcome to my individual review of herpotherm cold sore heat treatment.

This part of my top 10 cold sore treatment reviews, click here to take a look at various treatments available.

Treatments include

I have trailed the internet read reviews and comments left on sites and around the web.

Done research on the simplex herpesvirus 1 (HSV-1), its also known to some as a fever blister as well.

As we all know they are a nightmare to control and a breakout frequency is unknown painful and unsightly to all.

I have put together a guide on my website about coldsores.

Click here if you wish to read up on the causes and spreading of the virus

Having read reviews on herpotherm cold sore heat treatment, I can only tell you the truth as with all of the treatments I am reviewing.

Their isn’t one fix for all sadly some of the treatments work amazing for some and others the treatments don’t work at all.

With the reviews i have read a couple stating that they got burnt from it i would personally stay away.

I would look at ordering the invisible light treatment as it has equally great reviews but doesn’t burn click here to take a look

HERPOTHERM® cold sore heat treatment

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Formerly known as Hot Kiss®.

Treat that tingle! Stop that Cold Sore appearing!.. Herpotherm® is a revolutionary new way to combat cold sores. When used at the tingle stage an outbreak can actually be prevented.

Even when the cold sore has already started to appear the heat stick can significantly reduce the size and extent of the sore.

It can even shorten the length of time your cold sore lasts and the amount of time it takes to heal.

There are no chemicals involved or creams/ointments to apply. This is a medical device developed, made and tested in Germany which has been designed to prevent the development and advancement of the herpes simplex infection.

How the Herpotherm® works: The device works by means of a concentrated heat source of between 50-51°c. This prevents the herpes simplex virus from reproducing.

 Indications For the prevention and healing of cold sores (herpes simplex)

Herpotherm applicator, disinfectant wipes, battery, instructions Directions Take off cap.

Apply applicator to the affected area. Activate Herpotherm device. Warning sounds after 4 seconds, please remove the device and repeat if necessary.

Safety Warning For hygiene purposes, Herpotherm should only be used by one person Box Contains 1 unit.

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Herstat cold sore treatment

Herstat – Cold Sore Treatment

Review of Herstat cold sore treatment.

This is part of my top 10 treatments for cold sores, click here to view page.

It covers various treatments from light & heat treatments, creams, invisible plasters and oral medication.

My Review

Having searched the internet, reading blogs and reviews and product info.

The general feelings about herstat cold treatment is a good one.

Some people say that it’s the best thing ever and others say it doesn’t work.

I have found with cold sores and the research that I have carried out.

There isn’t really one treatment that will fix all, you need a bit of trial and error to find what works for you

Cold Sore Cure

Sadly there isn’t a cure for the common cold sore this is because it is a hidden virus called herpes simplex virus 1.

67% of the population carry the virus that’s 3.7 billion people most will only be carriers.

If require any more information click here for answers to some of the most common questions raised about the cold sore.

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Herstat product info

Herstat is a ‘topical’ cold sore ointment, which means it will work when placed in direct contact with the affected skin.

This will help to retain moisture and soften your cold sore.

The ointment will also reduce inflammation and relieve pain – what more could you ask for from a little tube?

What is Propolis?

This 100% natural substance has a rich history that extends back to ancient times.

Added to Herstat cold sore treatment to act as a preservative, you may find yourself experiencing the propolis benefits.

Which have been documented for centuries.

Prohibits Growth

Propolis is an effective treatment for cold sores as its antimicrobial properties prohibit the growth of microorganisms.

Such as those present in the herpes simplex virus.


– Anyone who suffers from a cold sore outbreak will know that the redness and scabbing they cause can be really embarrassing when going about day-to-day life.

Our solution?

Banish the blemish fast by applying Herstat. The active compounds in propolis help damaged skin tissue to heal and this speeds up recovery time.

Gentle on your skin

The pain-relieving capabilities of propolis are well documented.

Propolis is used in a range of alternative treatments, sore throats and in nasal sprays.

Reducing inflammation

When used on cold sores propolis aids pain relief by reducing inflammation.

The petrolatum helps to keep the area moisturised, while not feeling sticky.

It’s an added bonus that Herstat cold sore cream smells great and won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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L-lysine cold sore treatment

L-Lysine – cold sore Treatment

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This is a product review for L-lysine 1000mg tablet for cold sore treatment.

Its also used as a supplement for vegetarians, and vegans but we won’t go into that here.

I have researched and reviewed creams, invisible plasters, ointments, heat and light treatments to name but a few.

Check out my website for more details and reviews that may interest you.

So without further ado let’s get on with the review.

L-Lysine – Benefits

  • Supports immune system — Lysine may help with calcium absorption
  • Supports production of collagen and tissue maintenance
  • Important for balanced nutrition and health
  • Lysine plays an essential part in the production of carnitine, an amino acid which helps convert fatty acids into energy
  • An essential building block for all protein.
  • It’s important for the growth and development of children.
  • Purity & Potency Guaranteed

As you can see from above it has benefits but none mention about combatting cold sores so that made me dig a little deeper.

I looked at various products, information sources, read reviews and there are really limited mixed opinions about the using L-lysine as a cold sore treatment.

Some medical reviews say it works but only ever mention it in a couple of sentences about the arginine, which is an amino acid.

Which contributes to the outbreak of cold sores and how lysine helps tackle this and thus helps stop the formation but not in all cases its a bit of a trial and error sadly for you.

I found the best resource for reviews and info on cold sores was actual users on amazon as they have left reviews about using the product for specifically for cold sores

L-lysine cold sore treatment

If you click onto the products at the bottom of the page it takes you through to Amazon, where you can take a look at the reviews.

Some love it and swear by it others have tried it and it hasn’t work.

Could you recommend any treatments or remedies that have worked in the past for you?

You could even write a guest blog or make it an article I could add to my site if that’s of interest as I’m always open to suggestions and support

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Lysine cold sore treatment
L-lysine cold sore treatment