lipzor cold sore light treatment

Lipzor – cold sore light treatment

Welcome to this a blog review of Lipzor Invisible light cold sore treatment visit the website for more information as I have done reviews on just about all cold sore treatment.

lipzor invisible light treatment

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I have trailed the internet and read reviews and comments left on sites and around the web and below is my honest review then information from the supplier’s website.

This seems to be the only light therapy device available 66% of reviews are 5 stars.

After taking a look at a few sites it seems to work for a majority and the minority are the ones putting in complaints. a couple of faulty units.

PRICE HIKE :- from what i have read online they have stopped supplying them on the NHS a few years ago so hence the hike in price.

Technologically advanced light treatment.

Lipzor also works during the tingling and blister stage.

Just two treatments a day for 3 days and it significantly reduces healing time by days.

A natural treatment which stimulates the body’s natural response which reduces the time that the virus is contagious.

We can stop unsightly cold sores in their tracks with LipZor Light Device which is highly effective at any stage of a cold, sore or an outbreak.

Its patented light technology at a precise waveband of 1072nm is clinically proven to boost the body’s natural immune response to tackle the cold sore virus.

Reducing healing time by three days and help prevent further attacks.


It is also very effective during and after the tingling phase.

It is shown to reduce the reoccurrence and severity of cold sores and it penetrates into the skin to attack the virus.

The Treatment is very Convenient and there is no need to touch the cold sore as the treatment is a very hygienic application.

If it is used in the earlier stages when symptoms occur, it can even prevent the cold sore from appearing altogether.

There are no known side effects.

There will be no heat or discomfort caused.

It is a faster, more effective method for treating for cold sores.

 Indications For the relief of symptoms associated with the cold sore virus.

 The device delivers safe therapeutic invisible light at a precise waveband of 1072 nanometres.

Directions For best results

  • LipZor cold sore light treatment should be used three times a day for two days.
  • Simply press the power button and hold the device over the affected area.
  • Listen for the beep. This means the light therapy is at work.
  • Listen for the second beep it will automatically turn its self off

(If you’re using the device for the second or multiple time then give the rim a quick wipe with an anti-viral wipe)

Click here for our recommended wipes.

There’s no need to watch the clock – LipZor™ Light Device comes with its own in-built self-timer and will automatically switch itself off after the three-minute treatment cycle, indicated by a second beep.

Remove the device from the affected area and give its rim a quick clean with an antiviral wipe.

 Safety Warning Lipzor cold sore device is intended for personal use and should not be shared.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Box Contains 1 x light device 1x 9v battery

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