Hubner Silica cold sore gel

Hubner Cold Sore Gel review

Hubner cold sore gel review its applied using a finger or cotton bud

consequently you should wash after contact with skin or objects as this will help stop spreading the virus.

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Hubner cold sore gel

Hubner Cold Sore Gel Description

How Silicea Cold Sore Gel works:

A medical device, proven to work within the hour.

Because Silicea Cold Sore Gel relieves, burning and itching sensations caused by cold sores.

The mineral silicic acid (don’t worry -it’s not a burning acid!!!) that is in Silicea Cold Sore Gel.

Alleviates the symptoms after only 1 hour (study with 74 participants).

The gel acts on the fluid contained in the blisters, binding the liquid.

The gel is easy to apply and stays in place for long periods of time.

Hubner gel also helps with the tingling, itching and burning symptoms that are associated with cold sore blisters.

Thus speeding up the healing process.

Due to Silicic acid being a mineral it’s highly tolerated by your skin.

So reactions and allergies are very, very rare.

Indications For the relief of symptoms associated with cold sores


5g of Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel contains

  • 4.7g of silica as active
  • Hydrolite (pentylene glycol)
  • Carrageenan
  • Bisabolol
  • Potassium sorbate
  • A solution of citric acid


Apply Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel up to 5 times a day to the affected areas of skin with a cotton bud or clean fingertip.

hubner cold sore gel Safety Warning

Firstly keep out of reach of children.

Keep away from frost and do not store above 25 degrees C.

Box Contains 5g of gel tube

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