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Herpecilin Invisible Cold Sore Patch

Welcome to for all you cold sore needs this particular blog is about the herpecilin invisible cold sore patch.

I have a range of blogs covering light & heat treatment, to creams & tablets I have tried to cover it all.

A cold sore is medically known as herpes simplex virus it is also referred to as a canker sore, fever blister.

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Herpecilin patch Vs Compeed patch

After trialling the internet reading reviews and blogs about the herpecilin & compeed patches its a bit of a mixed bag.

Some say stick with compeed whilst others swear by them its a bit of a personal choice.

To take a look at the reviews yourself, just head over to amazon or ebay to take a look.

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Below if the application process and general info from the manufacturer

Herpecilin Invisible cold sore patch

Product Description

  • Herpecilin cold sore Patch absorbs secretion, fluids and puss from the cold sore
  • The Patch treats the breakout while you sleep & relieves pain
  • Reduces itching, tingling, burning sensation and scabbing
  • Protects the sore against secondary infection
  • Establish a moist environment below the patch


Herpecilin hydrocolloid patch treats cold sores/labial herpes. 18 transparent and ultra-thin hydrocolloid patches packed in 3 blister packs.

COLD SORES can appear on the lips, mouth or nose.

The condition usually starts with a tingly, itchy feeling. After a few days, blisters form, then burst, leaving a sore and causing pain and discomfort.

Cold sores are triggered by various factors.

  • Stress
  • Low Immunity Levels
  • Menstrual Periods


The package contains eighteen ultra-thin Invisible Herpecilin patches, which treat cold sores, i.e. while you sleep.

The patch absorbs secretions, fluids, and puss from cold sores while relieving pain and reducing the tingly itchy, burning sensation.

The redness, swelling, scarring, and blistering are reduced when a moist equilibrium is reached rapid healing occurs.

The patch protects the sore and reduces the risk of infection.


The Herpecilin patch can be used during all stages of the outbreak.

Its particularly effective when applied as early as possible during treatment.

Wash your hands before and after positioning the Herpecilin patch.

Just before use, remove the patch from the foil packaging, remove the protective paper, and apply the patch to the sore.

Avoid touching the adhesive side of the patch as it will remove some of the adhesive and may not last as long.

Apply the patch in the evening, and after a period of between 6-8 hours, the patch’s colour will change from clear to white.

The white-coloured patch will begin to loosen remove and dispose in the morning.

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