cosmoplast cold sore patch

Cosmoplast – Cold Sore Patch

Welcome to for all you cold sore needs this particular blog is about the cosmoplast invisible cold sore patch.

I have a range of blogs covering light & heat treatment, to creams & tablets I have tried to cover it all.

A cold sore is medically known as herpes simplex virus it is also referred to as a canker sore, fever blister.

cosmoplast cold sore patch

To try out the cosmoplast invisible patches click here to purchase Through Amazon

Strangely I cannot find much info on the product online.

I can find reviews on Amazon and eBay but I’m not allowed to use them for reference.

So you will just have to take a look for yourself.

Good Points.

The general feeling about cosmoplast cold sore patch.

Is Price you get more in a pack than the well-known brand and work just as well.

Bad Points.

They are thicker than the leading brand

Don’t seem to last as long

They are sold on eBay and amazon, Some great reviews have been left.


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