Blistex Cold Sore Cream

If you wish to find out more about the common cold sore which also goes by the name of fever blisters or herpes simplex virus one (HSV-1)

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Light & Heat Treatment

Here we have examples of the light and heat treatments available on the market the site will be updated as we review and add further products.

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HEAT TREATMENT – What is heat treatment, During the first stages of the cold sore a handheld device is placed over the cold sore area. You then activate the unit for a set period of time it heats the area to 51 degrees helping stop the development fo the cold sore. See below for more info and manufactures info.

LIGHT TREATMENT – Light treatment is a similar device to above but it uses a special light frequency to help with cold sore treatment.

Light Treatment

Lipzor Light treatment for cold sores

Lipzor light treatment for cold sores.

A technologically advanced light treatment device stopping cold sores in their tracks.

It works during the tingling and blister stage. Just two treatments a day for 3 days.

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I’ve been getting cold sores almost monthly now for years now…

I’ve been back and forth to the doctors. This seems to be the only thing that works for me.

Heat Treatment

Herpotherm heat treatment

Herpotherm® is a revolutionary new way to combat cold sores. When used at the tingle stage an outbreak can actually be prevented.

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Highly recommend – finally, put an end to my misery.

Its the second one I’ve bought.

Creams & Ointments

Here we have the most common of cold sore treatments and frequently used.

I have only added the ones with the best reviews online

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Cold Sore Lip Gel

Hubner silica cold sore gel

Hubner Silica Cold sore Gel.

Silicea Cold Sore Gel alleviates the symptoms after only 1 hour (study with 74 participants).

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This stuff is Fantastic buy some it WORKS

‘Topical’ cold sore ointment

Herstat cold sore ointment

Herstats main ingredient is Propolis which is an effective treatment for cold sores as its antimicrobial properties.

Prohibit the growth of microorganisms, such as those present in the herpes simplex virus.

Which means it will work when placed in direct contact with the affected skin.

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I have tried a lot of cold sore creams but this one is most definitely the Best.

it works a lot quicker than any other cold sore cream I have used in the past and it even smells nice which is a bonus.


Blistex Cold Sore Cream

Clinically proven treatment containing docosanol to help block the cold sore virus in its early stages and help stop a cold sore from appearing

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Works well and good value because of this.

I have used various products over the years and this is definitely the best.

Invisible Plasters.

As the name suggests, they are clear plasters that are placed over the effected area either during the tingling stage or once the virus is present. This helps assist with healing and also helps contain the virus from spreading as much.

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Compeed cold sore patch

compeed invisible cold sore plaster

They deliver up to 12 hours of continuous treatment to heal fast and significantly reduce scabbing compared to anti-viral creams.

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I was hesitant to try these, however as someone who is prone to a double outbreak I was willing to give everything a go.

Cosmoplast Cold Sore Patch

cosmoplast Invisible cold sore patch

Cold sore patches – COSMOPLAST • Ref. 1038-06204 • An original and exclusive beauty product of COSMOPLAST • Gender: Unisex • Skin Care line.

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Much better than the leading brand

Really great value stay in place all night /day.

Herpecilin Invisible Herpes Cold Sore Patches.

herpecilin Invisible cold sore patch

Patches (18 pcs), Absorbs Secretion, Fluids and Puss, Relieves Pain, Protects Sore from Infection, Accelerates Healing.

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Does the job Should have tried these years ago


This is a precautionary measure to help with amino acid levels which is one of the reasons why they appear. To read more about the products and benefits click onto a heading below.

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L-Lysine 1000mg 180 tablets

L-lysine 1000mg 180 tablets for cold sores

These types of Remedies are taken once a day, it alters the amount of amino acid in your body.

This slows down if not stops the progression of the common cold sore.

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At least 2 cold sores a month where appearing, getting really fed up figured I could give it a try.

Around halfway through the bottle and no cold sore in sight! So impressed!

Natures Aid L-Lysine 1000 mg

L-lysine Natures aid cold sore treatment

Lysine helps prevent the body from absorbing arginine, making it difficult for cold sores to grow and reproduce.

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usually 3-4 times per year, plus they come out if a stressful incident occurs.

I read that some people who have coldsores tend to have low levels of this amino acid in their system.

so gave them a go. No coldsores as of yet! well worth the money.